History Day

What Has Shaped Australia?

On Thursday we spent the day expanding our knowledge and digging deeper into what we already know about the History of Australia to solve our main question of ‘What has Shaped Australia?’. We worked using the Guided Inquiry Approach which focus on the students discussing, exploring, identifying and making their own question to help decide what has shaped Australia. We had a ‘museum’ to begin our day to spark discussions and to ponder further into our topics, which then lead to students creating their own questions.

Each year group had a certain area to focus on and there were a range of differentiated tasks to suit the different year groups.

Year 3 – Changes in education, transport and the environment.

Year 4 – The first fleet, convicts and impacts on Aboriginals

Year 5 – Colonisation in Australia and impacts on the environment

Year 6 – Federation, migration and democracy

Questions which the students created and now are exploring more into include:
1. What impacts did the convicts moving to Australia have on the Aboriginals? – Banjo
2. Why were there 6 colonies before one nation? – Charlize
3. How has our environment changed? – Louis

We have had a great day! The students worked extremely hard and will continue answering their questions next week, before presenting their findings to the class.

  • Having discussions inspired from different images.