Library / ICT Suite

The Calingiri School Library is one of the most popular areas of our school; it is a quiet, welcoming space in which students can either carry out independent research and study or relax and read for pleasure.  The library strives to serve the informational, recreational and educational needs of students and staff.  The library is an area widely used during lesson time by whole classes for project work and by students for private study. Most importantly, children are encouraged to love reading and books!  It is also the venue for various visits, talks and activities in special weeks. We have a large stock of fiction books to suit all ages and abilities, and separate shelves of novels more suited to older students.  We like to encourage students to read for pleasure and have comfy seating for those who wish to read quietly to themselves. We have a variety of desk space to accommodate those who wish to work individually and also those who need to work in groups. For those wishing to do computer research we have computers and a printer in the library, all with full network and internet access.

Through this page you can search our school library and see what books we hold. First, enter the word(s) you want to search for in the box below. Then, depending on what you want to search by, click on either ‘Keyword’, ‘Title’, ‘Subject’ or ‘Author’ to start your search.


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