Whole School Art Classes

Hand Dot Art

Students traced their hands and coloured in the intersecting sections in different colours, being careful not to have two colours the same touching each other. They then used dot art to mark the outline and extend it into the background.

Potato Heads

We used a potato cut in half for our heads, then drew faces on them. We dribbled some paint and blew it with a straw to make the hair. Lastly, we coloured it brightly for an amazing effect.

Claude Monet

Using only one fingertip, we emulated the techniques of Claude Monet and made a lily pond. Then, we created 3D butterflies and dragonflies to hover over the pond.

Dinosaur Silhouetts

We painted a background of a layered sky, and painted black hills over it. We then cut out dinosaur silhouettes and put them on our pictures, using smaller ones to show perspective. Lastly, we used water on our brushes to show asteroid fragments coming through the sky towards the ground.